Letters to the Editor


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LETTER: Dell thanks voters

To the editor: I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the residents of Onondaga County who exercised their right to vote on Election Day and a special thank you to those of you who voted for me for county clerk.

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LETTER: Venesky thanks Cicero voters

To the editor: I want to sincerely thank everyone in the town of Cicero who supported me in my campaign for town supervisor.

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LETTER: Nicotra thankful for support

To the editor: I would like to thank everyone who came out to vote on Election Day in the Town of Salina.

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LETTER: Szczesniak thanks Third District voters

To the editor: I want to express my appreciation to all the voters I met while campaigning who encouraged me to use my experience to better their lives in Onondaga County. I would have been deeply honored to represent and serve the residents of the Third District. It’s something I would not have taken lightly or for granted. I appreciate the support from all the people who voted for and supported me.

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LETTER: Furnace article misleading on CO

To the editor: There was an article on page B3 of the Oct. 28 issue titled “Take Precautions Before Firing up the Furnace for the Winter.”

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LETTER: ‘Arnie’ will be missed at Onondaga Lake

To the editor: Liverpool, specifically Onondaga Lake, will be missing a very prominent figure. The recent plan, after retiring with 40 years at Roth Steel and acquiring a pacemaker/defibrillator, was to move from Liverpool to Auburn, Maine to join family in late October. Lynn Arnold, known to everyone as Arnie, was seen on a regular basis riding his bike up and down the paths at Onondaga Lake, weather permitting. Last summer, he clocked an amazing 2,500 miles on that path, biking faithfully, sometimes with his good friend, Vince. His goal for this year was 3,000 miles (at the age of 74), but Arnie’s health prevented him from reaching that goal.

LETTER: Venesky for supervisor

To the Editor: I am writing this letter to express my support for Mark Vanesky’s candidacy for Supervisor in the Town of Cicero.

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LETTER: Thanks, Alzheimer’s walk supporters

To the editor: It’s difficult to express in such a small space how appreciative the Alzheimer’s Association is for the community’s generosity at the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

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LETTER: What the codes office really does

To the editor: At a Cicero preliminary budget review and public hearing held Oct. 14, information was presented with reference to the Department of Zoning and Planning (Codes). It was stated that the codes department only issued three new home construction building permits and as a result the director’s job should be eliminated.

LETTER: Burtis for Legislature

LETTER: Burtis for Legislature To the editor: I am writing to show my endorsement for Tim Burtis for Third District, Onondaga County Legislature. As our legislator he already knows the issues, already knows the people and is creating meaningful results, such as the recent funding he secured for town of Cicero improvements and the Brewerton revitalization project.

LETTER: Elect Kevin Tees for 14th District County Legislator

LETTER: Elect Kevin Tees for 14th District County Legislator To the editor: On Nov. 3, the residents in the North Syracuse and Clay areas have an opportunity to elect new leadership to serve in the Onondaga County Legislature. Kevin Tees will bring this new, exciting and dynamic leadership.

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LETTER: Fire station a good buy for town

To the editor: I am writing to correct errors and incorrect statements made by Judy Boyke about the Cicero Police Department and Cicero Town Court moving into the old South Bay Fire Department building.

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LETTER: DeFrancisco for Venesky

To the editor: As a New York state senator who has represented Central New York for some time, I would like to express my support for Mark R. Venesky in his bid to represent the town of Cicero as supervisor.

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LETTER: Another vote for Venesky

To the editor: I want to share my reasons that I will be voting for Mark Venesky. During his tenure on the Cicero Town Board, he has demonstrated a genuine talent for being able to grasp the challenges facing our town and the courage to make the hard choices that are not always the most popular ones. Over 15 years I have been to numerous budget meetings and have seen firsthand the decisions that are needed to balance the services that we expect while and holding taxes in check.

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LETTER: Boyke for supervisor

To the editor: In 2011 when Cicero's assessments went up, like almost everyone, especially waterfront owners, I was one of the homeowners to see a huge increase in my assessment. What a mess Judy Boyke inherited when she took office as Supervisor in 2010-11. A full assessment was already started and she was unable to slow it down. Not only did she inherit that, she had to deal with an unreasonable budget and stripped fund balances. The town of Cicero's credit rating was in the toilet.