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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Helping those in need this holiday season

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to come together, celebrate and give thanks. But as we attend parties and prepare to exchange gifts, it’s important to remember those among us who may be less fortunate and could use a helping hand.

LIVIN' IN LIVERPOOL: LaMont’s death marks end of an era

When Val LaMont died during the early morning hours of Monday, Nov. 16, his passing at age 86 marked the end of an era.

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NOPL news: Channel your inner artist at the library

Taking part in arts and crafts activities is relaxing and rewarding, and there are many opportunities to get hands-on at the Northern Onondaga Public Library (NOPL):

LIVIN' IN LIVERPOOL: Former Hicks house for sale

One of the most spectacular 19th century buildings in the village —the columned cobblestone edifice erected by Liverpool businessman Jonathan Hicks in 1854 — is now for sale.

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NOPL news: You can borrow what from the library?

Besides the thousands of books, DVDs, video games, magazines, and other typical library items you’d expect to find at the Northern Onondaga Public Libraries (NOPL), there are also lots of “unusual items” you can borrow. It is NOPL’s mission to “connect our members to information, ideas and imagination,” and this goes beyond providing a great selection of things to read.

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NOPL News: Join us for International Games Day

NOPL @ North Syracuse will join more than a thousand libraries around the world on Nov. 21 for the eighth annual celebration of gaming in libraries — International Games Day.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Prepare for winter at upcoming training session

As winter draws near, it’s important to prepare ourselves for what the season might bring. Storms in recent years have brought unprecedented amounts of snow, freezing rain, high winds and extreme temperatures. Here in Onondaga County, those conditions can be harmful, causing power outages, endangering walkways and interrupting essential services. That’s why I encourage all to attend the upcoming Citizen Preparedness Training I’m hosting with the American Red Cross.

LIVIN' IN LIVERPOOL: Bagpipers bring music back to the White Water Pub

The brazen peal of bagpipes rang out on South Willow Street from the White Water Pub last Thursday evening. The melodic buzzing could be heard distinctly throughout the village business district.

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FROM THE LEGISLATURE: Fiscal responsibility is the theme of the 2016 county budget

For the fourth straight year, at the October session, my colleagues and I approved a fiscally prudent budget featuring reduced county property taxes. Over those same four years, we’ve decreased the property tax levy by $9 million dollars, maintained one of New York’s top bond ratings and have continuously invested in physical and economic infrastructure.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Veterans deserve our gratitude all year long

 Each year, I join Central New Yorkers on Veterans Day to honor those who bravely risked everything in defense of our country. These ceremonies are an important way to thank our veterans and military families for their service, but I want them to know that they have a voice in state government all year — not just one day in November. The members of our armed forces put it all on the line for us, so it’s our responsibility to support them when they come home.

Every great meal deserves a great presentation

As a veterinarian, Holly Koenig watched over the health of countless felines and canines, tending to broken bones and bellyaches. As a longtime collector of vintage china, however, Holly steered her career from dogs to dinnerware.

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NOPL news?: Your family history: Where to begin

Have you ever desired to work on your family tree but you aren’t sure where to start? Help is here! NOPL @ Cicero will host the two-part workshop “Introduction to Ancestry.com to help get you started. The classes will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Nov. 2 and 5.

LIVIN' IN LIVERPOOL: A Greaser passes, but the Strangers rock on

When drummer Larry Luttinger was a teenager, he’d hoof it from Liverpool High School directly to Rick Scappichio’s house on 3 Jay Path in Bayberry to jam and rehearse.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Preparing our workforce for available jobs helps our whole communities

Jobs: they’ve been the number one issue in our community for a long time. We all know that we need good-paying jobs in our area, especially for our kids who are ready to join the workforce and want to stay and work here in Central New York and not be forced to move away.

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NOPL news: New resource at NOPL provides online music and art lessons

ArtistWorks for Libraries is the newest online resource available to members of the Northern Onondaga Public Library (NOPL). ArtistWorks joins NOPL’s growing digital branch, providing access to language and software classes, streaming music, movies and television, digital magazines, e-books and audiobooks.