Teachers wield undue influence on L’pool BOE

A shame and a sham

In order to be able to pay the price demanded by teachers, last spring the Central NY School Board Association opposed the governor’s 2 percent tax cap.

Why would the BOEs oppose a mechanism devised to hold down costs in fairness to taxpayers? They claimed a tax cap would negatively impact smaller school districts. But the real reason was because so many school board members are teachers, retired teachers or relatives of teachers.

It’s a shame and a sham, but Empire State boards of education are overrun with teachers and their relatives. Changes need to be made to assure that the taxpayers are at least as well-represented as teachers on school boards across the state.

Famous last words

Carrie Roseamelia uttered the most memorable line I heard on Election Night.

“Dang, I got murdered,” she exclaimed as she glanced at results on her smartphone.

The novice Democratic candidate for town council in Salina’s Ward 4 drew 487 votes as compared to Republican Michael Delvecchio Jr.’s 846.

Roseamelia shouldn’t feel too bad. Her party’s town-wide standard-bearer, supervisor candidate Patrick Foster, was similarly slaughtered Nov. 8 by incumbent Republican Mark Nicotra, 3,572 to 1,775.

The only Democrat elected to the five-member town board was Ward 2 incumbent Councilor James Magnarelli, who overcame a challenge by Republican Tom Saya 763 to 648.

Tommy wins Sammy

Liverpool High School alumnus Tom Bronzetti won a Syracuse Area Music Award last week for his band’s new disc, “Make Someone Happy.” A track on the Sammys’ Best Jazz Recording features Tom’s sister, Alicia Bronzetti, singing “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,” from the musical, “Pal Joey.”

Bronzetti, a gifted guitarist, was presented with his Sammys trophy by keyboardist George Rossi and saxophonist Joe Riposo at the Pirro Oncenter Ballroom down city. The first person Bronzetti thanked was LHS jazz ensemble director Jim Spadafore.

Riposo, who also lives in Liverpool and spent more than three decades teaching here, was inducted into the Sammys Hall of Fame on Thursday, Nov. 10, at downtown’s Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

“The mark of a good teacher,” Riposo said, “is when they start hiring your students and don’t call you anymore.”

Please don’t worry, Joe…we still have your number!

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groovemachine 3 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Tarby,

Your last comments about Tom Bronzetti were interesting. He thanked a teacher? Wow...what is that all about? I mean a money-grubbing, out for everything he can get teacher? And you quoted another teacher who was proud of Tom’s accomplishments! Maybe teachers do more than just grab for the easy money...maybe they make a difference in the lives of their students and the community. Maybe, just maybe the teachers and their spouses on the school board are more than capable of separating their teaching persona from their responsibilities to the community and the school board. Next time there is an open spot on the board, maybe you can toss your hat in the ring. It is hard and demanding work and not just about getting ULFA a good contract. Before you insult the board and the teachers again, walk in their shoes. And by the way, teachers are taxpayers too! Get the picture?


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